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Growth is becoming harder to find. New business models are disrupting the trading norms. To be able to cut through and convert shoppers, it’s now critical for your business to stand out on the digital shelf whilst maximising reach, exposure and profitability across all online channels.


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Insights, Analytics and Reporting are critical for understanding shopper intent signals and product performance. Our iterative process starts by defining business goals and developing a step by step approach to improve decision making. We combine omnichannel data sets to create a holistic view of the shopper and their purchase journeys.

Our real time dashboards measure key factors such as customer retention and absolute ROI, that provide actionable insights into how we are growing your sales across the entire value chain.


Our services include:

We provide Shelf View Analysis, which monitors your products listed across retailers’ performance and we can give you valuable shopper and business actionable recommendations.

By carrying out audience identification and customer profiling, we run an in-depth analysis to focus on market share and shopper behaviour that will help influence our retail strategy and grow your revenue.

By developing your own real-time dashboard, we can carry out Omnichannel Reporting as well as provide Goal Setting and Tracking.


Under siege from private label brands? Concerned about new disruptors entering the market? There is no issue too big or complex. We have helped brands large and small overcome even the most intricate issues to sell more profitability online.

Using market and competitive insights, we develop a long-range view of how we can best connect with shoppers to grow sales and increase revenue. We will work with you to understand the opportunities, challenges, and key drivers in the market to then develop high level eCommerce strategies to deliver your business ambitions.

These fuel our retailer-specific activation plans, which are deployed tactically to drive sales. Supporting it all are our retail relationships and joint partnerships with key eCommerce partners. Together, this results in the creation of highly effective omnichannel strategies that work hard for you.


Our services include:

We provide a health check audit to improve your media and business performance, whilst growing new business and the bottom line. We follow an end to end approach which includes the retail business, visibility and performance as well as media and marketing. This is developed for both and (including Amazon).

We advise on the depth of products offered, such as how many variations of a particular product a store carries, and the width of the product variety, so how many different types of products a store has available.

Our insight extends beyond managing content on eCommerce platforms such as Amazon. We create a comprehensive go-to-market strategy across your entire enterprise, identifying potential pitfalls whilst providing the relevant in-house training.

We can work with you to develop the most appropriate joint commercial business plan to get the most out of your trading relationship with retail partners that covers both commercial and media elements.

We have 500+ global Amazon accreditations in our team and run regular training programs for our clients.


It’s tricky for brands to know where best to market their products to maximise their digital availability to drive solid sales growth. With over 70% of shoppers going directly to retailers like Amazon to start their shopping journeys, having a robust channel wide plan has never been so critical. Locking down the right retail basics is key to grow across eRetailer’s and Marketplace’s alike. We work hand in hand with our clients at every single stage of the retail planning, optimisation and activation cycle. We always start by laying down solid foundations through everything including retail health, content and promotion. Acquiring and retaining customers is not only about a product or service but the entire experience a brand or manufacturer provides. We make sure to highlight and promote your brand’s unique selling points to ensure you always stand out from the pack.


Our services include:

Retail hygiene is critical for success within omnichannel retailers, market places and pure players alike. There is a series of factors that determine a company’s success on a retailer which is critical to growing visibility and sales. On retailers like Amazon you must be “retail-ready”, otherwise any advertising strategy that you deploy will be ineffective. We can work with you to refine this approach.

We work with your business objectives from an OMNI-Channel perspective covering the most effective routes and channels for selling online. Our team of experts start by looking at the product mix and investment plan before coming up with an executional strategy that includes biddable media, content optimisation and complementary media – all the key components of the retail algorithm.

Content excellence boosts product discoverability within retail search, increases the conversion rate of the product pages whilst creating a seamless and consistent shopping experience for your consumers.

We hold the complete operational spectrum for Amazon vendors: Product Data Management, Amazon Advertising and Vendor Sales Excellence. We combine our operational expertise as a leading Amazon vendor agency with the depth of implementation, scalability and efficiency of our own software solution, Omni. We also offer ASIN / SKU level catalogue optimisation.

Our In-House Tools

Our eCommerce offering is powered by our internal operating system and planning capabilities. We have a proven track record of delivering successful direct, indirect, and retail end to end solutions that improves business performance for our clients. We are focused on delivering sales growth based on a series of pre-agreed KPIs.


Our tools include:

Using our bottom up investment planning software, we develop comprehensive investment plans to drive sustainable and profitable sales growth, with budgets allocated across the year, product lines, platforms, and ad formats based on expected performance. We also review other channels’ media plans to maximise the impact of marketing campaigns.

Measures inventory run rates based on previous daily sales trends and matches it with Amazon search campaigns that are connected to those ASIN’s. We can prioritise media based on this direct line to consumer behaviour, but only when the inventory supports it.

Monitors Amazon search results across paid and organic to enable teams to make better optimisation decisions, re-allocate budgets to low share of shelf product sets and prioritise content optimisations.

Omni is Omnicom’s people-based precision marketing and insights platform, designed to identify and define personalised consumer experiences at scale across media, digital, creative, and CRM. At the core of Omni is the industry’s most robust people-based identity graph – a database of connected consumers built from multiple identity authorities including Neustar, LiveRamp and Experian. The identity graph links consumer behaviours to reveal how people connect, engage, and transact with brands, to enrich consumer understanding. The platform has embedded functionality to ensure audiences sit at the heart of our multichannel approach from broad media and audience planning through to retail conversion. To ensure a consistent and connected approach across the entire funnel, we also have retail data across multiple territories plugged into Omni that allows us to plan across all media and platforms appropriately.

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