13 October 2020

Report: Future proofing your business in a digital world – The Auto Industry

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The State of Play: Where is the Auto Industry?

The automotive industry has reached a point of inflection; change is afoot, as the industry moves from being product led to service led.

Convenience is now everything and digital disruption has prompted major shifts in consumer expectations.

Today, automotive brands aren’t just tasked with delivering a high-quality, reliable vehicle – they’re expected to make the trip simpler, more comfortable, and more enjoyable. This has only intensified with the explosion of new models around sharing and owning a car.

Additionally, there are new players disrupting traditional trading models like Tesla who like Apple, sells its vehicles direct.

However, the industry has been slow to adapt to this new world. Part of which is because of the legacy model with dealerships. But consumer demand and heightened expectations are making brands sit up and see that they need to change this model.

It’s time to reinvent the wheel.

Report overview 

Our latest report analyses the industry through a digital lens in order to identify the five key trends that are transforming the industry before detailing what automotive brands need to consider ensuring their business evolves with this transformation.

Ultimately, both the automotive industry and eCommerce as a channel are developing and evolving incredibly quickly. And Covid-19 has only accelerated this. The businesses that are going to not only survive but really thrive are not the ones that are merely following the pack.

It is now imperative for brands to adapt business models and adopt new technologies and initiatives to ensure that consumers are getting exactly what they want, how and when they want it.



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