20 March 2020

Maximising sales on Amazon’s Prime Day

Recently our Amazon Director, Dan Simmonds, spoke with WARC about how brands can maximise sales on Amazon’s Prime Day.

The full piece can be read here but we’ve summarised the key points below.

What is Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is the annual shopping holiday that’s exclusive to Prime subscribers. Unlike Black Friday or Cyber Monday, deals last up to 36 hours. As an established selling event, it accounted for an estimated $7.16B in sales in 2019 alone.

Why is it important to brands?

Amazon has cited that global Prime membership subscriptions has passed 150 million customers. Having Prime Day deals will therefore allow you to reach this huge database.

Research from Criteo has also suggested that due to the halo effect, sales on other retailer.com sites increase on average 40% on Prime Day simply by running Amazon promotions.

When does Prime Day take place?

Like previous years, we’d expect to see it taking place in the second week of July. To prepare sufficiently, businesses will need to consider their ASIN setup, promotional deals and Amazon Advertising strategy.

What are the key considerations?

There are five key areas that brands need to be aware of and have a strategy in place for:

Product visibility

Good visibility of your products within search results and category listings combined with the increase in traffic can lead to a significant boost in sales and that’s without having to pay anything.

The main search bar is still the number one method to locate items on Amazon, so taking an SEO style approach to how your products are listed will increase your chances of delivering a relevant customer to your product detail page.

Product content

Product content will need to be audited to ensure that the detail is accurate, relevant and provides the consumer with all the information that is needed to overcome any purchase objections. Given the shift in consumer behaviour towards a mobile first purchase journey, it’s important that the content created is developed with desktop, tablet and mobile in mind.

When improving your content, product imagery and videos, detailed bullet points and accurate product descriptions should all be considered. In addition, usage of an A+ page has shown to increase conversion by up to 9%.

Choosing the right products

The sheer amount of user traffic means that Amazon can be used as the shop window to the entirety of your business. Utilisation of variable listings or the new model widget in conjunction with a promotional product can leverage additional halo sales. This can be particularly important for categories where seasonality or licensing plays a big part in the sell through of a product.

Promotional offers

Having a thorough understanding of each of the type of deals is important to ensure you create the best strategy for your business.

For Vendors, you’ll often work hand in hand with your Vendor Manager, or the Central Deals Team to deliver the top-level deals. Amazon’s obsession with customer experience means that they will focus on the products that are the most popular with the customer, though at a reduced price.

Whilst this may not tie in with your sales and marketing strategy, we would recommend knowing what each deal type is in self-service promotions within both Vendor and Seller Central.

Advertising support

Setting up specific Prime Day campaigns with a dedicated budget will ensure you get the most out of the work you’ve put in. This is most pertinent when it comes to the self-service deals you’ve created that don’t get the same on-site visibility as Lightning Deals or promotions led by the Central Deals Team.

Be prepared to run search term analysis from ARA Premium to ensure that all relevant keywords are included for your deal ASINs and create a strategy to maximise the usage of broad terms that are specific to Prime Day such as ‘deal’, ‘discount’ or even ‘Prime Day’ itself.

To find out more or hear how OMG Transact can help you with your Prime Day planning, get in touch!

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