04 March 2020

Carmen Limia speaks to La Publicidad

Carmen Limia speaks to La Publicidad about all things eCommerce


Ahead of the eCommerce Forum at Callao City Lights, our Head of eCommerce in Spain, Carmen Limia, had a chat with La Publicidad. 

This article was originally published on La Publicidad 

Security and hacking violations are increasingly common, and many times e-commerce sites are an easy target for attacks. What measures should be taken to maintain reliable security?

Safety should be a priority aspect of the company, regardless of its size, and not skimp on dedicated resources. It is essential to have a hosting that meets the security requirements in the payment system and has the security certificate (SSL) up to date ensuring high protection of confidential information through the encryption of sensitive data and the use of authentication processes of the users.

During the last year the mobile has become the main gateway to e-commerce. Looking ahead, do you think it will continue to be the fundamental device of this sector?

Consumers have shown us the speed of changing habits when new solutions imply greater simplicity, ease and immediacy. In this sense, today the mobile is the fundamental device for e-commerce thanks to the platforms that have adapted to it and take full advantage of its advantages. But both Voice Commerce and the arrival of 5G will help to have other devices to which the platforms will also adapt. Consumers will use one or another device depending on the time, place and circumstance in which they are.

The implementation of Voice Commerce is another trend for this year. Do you think it will introduce many changes in the online market?

Yes, Voice Commerce is another step in multiplying the options to make e-commerce easier, simple and immediate. And the speed with which it is introduced will depend on the adaptation of the platforms to take full advantage of this technology.

How do you think it will affect the power of Artificial Intelligence in consumer buying decisions?

The arrival of 5G will make the analysis of the data at a significantly higher speed and, therefore, Artificial Intelligence offers real added value in the customization of offers to consumers. It is, again, to facilitate the search and analysis of the different options, even to anticipate their needs, so that the purchase decision is a fluid process.

It is the first year that Advertising celebrates the I e-Commerce Forum. What expectations do you have of the event?

There is great interest and focus on the part of brands in the development of e-commerce since the changes that it implies are not only in the field of communication with consumers, but also have implications in the structures and processes of organizations and even in the corporate culture. And the change has only just begun. Therefore, I predict that Advertising will now hold many e-commerce forums where you can address the great changes we are experiencing as a society

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